CoolSys & HVAC is an expert service provider for mission-critical Refrigeration & HVAC systems which includes dehumidification. Whether the installation of your dehumidification equipment is part of a new construction project or a retrofit, our crews are trained and ready to handle your project. Since we are vendor neutral, we are trained to install dehumidification equipment from all major equipment manufacturers.


Our dehumidification services include:

System design

Our in-house engineering team, with more than 300 years of combined refrigeration & HVAC experience, can help you determine the best dehumidification approach for your facility. We work with you in considering initial costs, performance, energy efficiency, and long-term total cost of ownership trade-offs.


Proper installation is critical to the performance of any system. Our expert technicians are trained to install equipment from all major manufacturers, and they are skilled at working directly with equipment manufacturers personnel or with general contractors.

System Start-ups and Commissioning

Having a system that runs right from the start is a critical step in managing your system’s Total Cost of Ownership. While many companies will get your dehumidification system up and running after they’ve installed it, our technicians ensure you get the performance you expect from the beginning which helps avoid potential operating issues down the road.