Proper installation is critical to an efficient, effective refrigeration or HVAC system.

As we do with all of our services, we focus on delivering a high-quality project and experience, taking a “total cost of ownership” approach to every installation, that helps to ensure a lower cost of operation throughout the system’s life cycle.


Our comprehensive installation process includes:

Plan check and design review by our in-house, expert engineering team prior to installation.

An experienced installation team that has been rigorously trained through our CoolSys Installation Skills training course at one of our state-of-the-art training facilities.

Expertise working with general contractors and coordinating with other trades on large, complex commercial refrigeration and HVAC installation projects.

A robust, ever-evolving project management process utilizing tablets and the latest project management software.

Expertise with all equipment manufacturers that allows us to confidently install all brands of equipment and EMS systems.