Driven by rapidly changing consumer preferences and new entrants to the market, grocery retailing has become one of the most competitive markets in the world. With new store formats continuing to emerge, groceries being found in non-traditional retailers like drug stores, and the aggressive growth of online grocery shopping, retailers must find creative ways to re-invent themselves to win the business of fickle consumers faced with an expanding choice of grocery options.

This requirement to re-merchandise themselves in aggressive market conditions has led to a level of remodels never before seen in the grocery retailing industry. Add to this the desire for more energy efficient systems, and the rapid adoption of non-HCFC and natural refrigerants, and remodels mean a new approach to refrigeration and HVAC systems. From initial design concept through system start-up, CoolSys has the expertise and experience to help our customers ensure your remodels are executed flawlessly.

Just like with new construction, proper installation and start up are critical to efficient, effective refrigeration & HVAC system remodels. At CoolSys, we understand the critical nature of our customers’ remodels and execute them with the same rigorous approach we take on new construction.

With more than 45 years of installation experience installing thousands of commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems, CoolSys ensures that every system is constructed per specifications and is operating at peak performance from the start.


Our comprehensive installation process includes:

Plan check and design review by our in-house, expert engineering team prior to installation.

An experienced installation team that has been rigorously trained through our CoolSys Installation Skills training course at one of our state-of-the-art training facilities.

Expertise working with general contractors and coordinating with other trades on large, complex commercial refrigeration and HVAC installation projects.

A robust, ever-evolving project management process.

Vendor-neutral expertise that allows us to confidently install all brands of equipment and EMS systems.

Our comprehensive start-up process ensures the system is operating as designed, per specifications, and at optimal efficiency from the beginning. Our approach to start-ups also helps prevent potential performance and costly maintenance issues in the future.