Installing a new or remodeled refrigeration or HVAC system is a major investment. CoolSys’s exclusive Right Start™ program is designed to help you protect this investment by optimizing your system’s performance during initial startup. Our team of Right Start Certified technicians is extensively trained to test, analyze and adjust your system to exact manufacturer or owner specifications to ensure ultimate performance from the beginning.

What is Right Start?

Right Start is a proprietary, comprehensive, multi-step start-up program that covers every facet of your newly installed system.

Key steps of the program include:

  • Pressurization – verification that all racks and systems hold the appropriate pressure
  • Evacuation – all racks and systems are pulled into a vacuum and held at customer-required levels for a specified period of time
  • Electrical – all electrical connections are visually checked and tightened, as needed
  • Refrigerant charging – we break the vacuum with the refrigerant and charge it
  • Compressor startup – we perform compressor startup while adding refrigerant to fully charge the rack
  • System startup and verification – each individual system is verified during startup
  • Rack control – we set controls and verify operation
  • System balancing – we balance temperatures within the systems
  • Check and verification of systems – we verify that all racks and the attached systems have been configured, adjusted and commissioned to manufacturer or owner specifications
  • Documentation – we complete and deliver all required paperwork


Who should consider Right Start?

Whether you have a CoolSys-installed system or one installed by another company, our Right Start process will help ensure optimum performance. Because we are vendor-neutral, our technicians can perform the Right Start process on systems containing equipment from any manufacturer. While many companies will get your system up and running after they’ve installed it, only CoolSys provides a comprehensive Right Start process, performed by certified technicians, ensuring you get the performance you expect from the beginning.

In addition, because many potential problems are preempted by Right Start, future maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced. An investment in Right Start upfront means less downtime on the sales floor and a more comfortable shopping environment for your customers. Having a system that runs right from the start is a critical step in managing your system’s Total Cost of Ownership.


Increased Savings and Sustainability

Your refrigeration and HVAC system can account for more than half of your energy use; a system that runs “right” from the start will help effectively manage and reduce this significant cost. And of course, any reduction in energy use is a crucial part of reducing your company’s overall carbon footprint.

CoolSys’s Right Start program protects your investment, helps lower your overall operating costs, and ensures you get the performance you paid for from the very beginning.