The refrigeration and HVAC world is changing. As the more “traditional” HCFC refrigerants continue to be aggressively phased out by EPA regulations and by a focus on reduced carbon footprints and a “greener” society, refrigeration & HVAC users have been forced to search for adequate replacements for their systems. One trend that is quickly growing in the United States is the use of natural refrigerants like CO2, propane, and ammonia. While these refrigerants have been used in industrial applications for years, and are prevalent throughout Europe and other countries, they are new to commercial applications in America.

In anticipation of this growing need and demand for natural refrigerants, CoolSys has proactively been involved in several high-profile natural refrigerant designs and installations with several of the world’s leading grocers.

Let our experienced team of engineers help you determine the best natural refrigerant options for your specific site and then work with you to design a system that provides the performance you need and the reduced carbon footprint that we all need! And of course, as with all of our work, each natural refrigerant system is designed to minimize your Total Cost of Ownership while providing optimal performance.