According to the U.S. Department of Energy, motor-driven equipment accounts for 64 percent of the electricity consumed by U.S. industry. As businesses come under increasing pressure to reduce energy use and operating costs, the installation or retrofit of variable-speed drives (VFDs) are emerging as a popular solution. VFDs reduce electrical energy consumption by adjusting a motor’s speed to match the required load.

Many electric motors simply do not need to run at 100-percent capacity all of the time — such as those that power Condensers and Air Handler motors in grocery stores. By retrofitting these motors with VFDs, grocery stores and other facilities can control the equipment’s output to match the operation’s needs, saving energy when full output is not required, and with no impact to a system’s operation.

With advances in microelectronics and control technology over the past 10-15 years, VFDs have become an efficient and reliable means of controlling motor speed.


Facilities that install VFDs will:

Use less energy

Cut operating costs

Improve process precision

Eliminate the need for expensive and energy-wasting throttling mechanisms such as control valves and outlet dampers

Reduce wear and tear on motors and related components thus decreasing maintenance costs and prolonging equipment life

CoolSys’s Energy Optimization team is ready to work with you to install VFDs where appropriate and execute this simple but effective energy saving solution!