Keeping your refrigerated cases clean is a simple, inexpensive way to help ensure their optimal performance and appearance. This simple maintenance routine is often forgotten or overlooked and can lead to problems or system inefficiencies and unnecessary service costs down the road. Contact CoolSys and let us perform our comprehensive.


Case Cleaning service for you includes:

Disassembling coil housing.

Blowing out drains with CO2 as needed.

De-icing with hot water and brush (no chemicals).

Replacing or repairing any damaged fan motors/blades.

Performing comprehensive leak checks on cases being cleaned and conducting overall store walks to identify any other refrigerant leaks.

Documenting and notifying the customer of any and all leaks identified.

Restarting cleaned cases and verifying operation.

Logging any service issues.

Documenting temperatures and providing a recap of all work to a store representative.