Managing humidity levels has long been a challenge for grocery stores and other businesses where customer comfort or product integrity depends on proper internal climate. This is especially true in high-humidity climates.

The common practice of adjusting a building’s air temperature to try to maintain an acceptable humidity level dramatically increases energy use and costs and can negatively affect customer comfort. Additionally, too much humidity can cause condensation on the refrigerator coils, further increasing energy usage. In a grocery retail setting, frost and ice can form on case doors and the product itself, leading to product deterioration and an undesirable appearance.

The most reliable and cost-effective way to manage the humidity challenge is to install a dehumidification system through a retrofit or remodel or as part of the initial system installation on new construction projects. This valuable investment has been shown to save grocery stores and other businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year in energy savings and operating costs while also dramatically improving the shopping environment for customers and the work environment for employees.

CoolSys & HVAC is an expert service provider for mission-critical Refrigeration & HVAC systems, which includes dehumidification. We are trained on all major dehumidification technologies and with all major dehumidification equipment manufacturers.

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