Preventative Maintenance (PM) is key to reducing emergency service, equipment down time, loss of sales, refrigerant usage, energy usage, and extending equipment life.


Based on years of experience and customer feedback, we have developed two specific PM programs that address our customers’ needs:

CoolSys Quarterly General Maintenance PM

This PM program covers all of the basic needs of both small and large mission-critical systems. In multi-site situations, the scope of work is consistent site-to-site. The program price and the time required to complete the scope of work depends on the size, location, amount and type of equipment located at the site.

CoolSys Compressor Room and EMS PM

This bi-annual PM program focuses on high-dollar equipment such as compressors, EMS set points, energy consumption, lighting schedules, anti-sweat, and dehumidification. These PM’s are performed by our level 5 (or higher) technicians since they require a much more advanced skill set.

Operating knowledge concerning regulatory and/or 3rd party systems — e.g., required paper work, and system entries for the EPA, AQMD, CARB, Verisae, Corrigo, Service Channel, Maximo, etc. — is built into our processes and our technician’s hand-helds and automated whenever possible to help ensure compliance and a best-in-class customer experience.